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Comp Sci 180

Independent Study

Fall 2000

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science San Jose State University




Richard Sinn
Meeting Time:
We will meet at least once a week. Prefer to be Monday or Wednesday or Friday 7:30pm at SCI 311.



Discussion Group

Link to discussion group




Sept 4, 2000: Update Schedule

Aug 21, 2000: Add information.

July 12, 2000: Initial Creation. 



Course Information

This is an undergraduate research class that students and professor will work together on a fun project. The goal of the project is to have a prototype working at the end of the semester. A web site has been reserved for the project to run. The web site is

The class will meet about once a week. The meeting time is very flexible, but we will try to meet every Monday night or Wednesday night or Friday night at 7:45pm at SCI 311. We will use Internet heavily to access this project class. Our discussion group will be under discussion group and ftp server will be at Userid and password will be given in the class. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE outside of the class. Also, please use this web site as the source for most updated information such as schedule, additional info, etc.

Please do not discuss the content of the project with people outside of the group as well. We might write a patents or two when the project ended. 



Approach Of the Class

This will be a very different class compared with the ones you have taken or going to take. This is an undergraduate RESEARCH class. Student is expected to drive the component he/she has assigned to. Here is a rough path of what we are going to do:


Member Phone Number List

Class Material

Reading material will be online on this web site before every lecture. Please email if you experience any download problem.






Aug-Mon 21: Introduction, 
                     Approach of the class, 
                     Members introduction
                     Non-disclosure agreement (some form of NDA)
                     Reading Materials
                     SJSU Paper work (Reading assignment)

Aug-Mon 28: Project description

Sept-Mon 4: Labor Day (No School)

Sept-Wed 6:  Backend Discussion (Please come with questions)
                     Homework 1: Create Same Data
                     Project: Design Document
                     Divide Tasks

Design Review

Sept-Mon 11: GUI Review and Demo

Sept-Mon 18: Group discussion
                       SQLX Concept
                       (Homework 1 Due)

Sept-Mon 25:  GUI Q&A
                        Design Review of Backend
                       (Project: Backend Design Document Due)


Implementation I

Oct-Mon 2:     GUI Package Demo (The exe should be ready.)
                        Backend Discussion
                        Design Doc Status
                        GUI Doc Assignment

Oct-Mon 9:     Group discussion
                       GUI Demo (Interlock with Backend)

Oct-Mon 16:   GUI Discussion
                       Group Discussion / Data Combiner Interlock
                       (GUI Document Due)

Implementation II

Oct-Mon 23:   Group Discussion / Status Report

Oct-Mon 30:   Group discussion

Nov-Mon 6:    Group discussion

Nov-Mon 13:  Group discussion



Nov-Mon 20: Group discussion

Nov-Thu 23 to Nov-Mon 24: Thanksgiving Holiday (No Class).

Nov-Mon 27: Group discussion (Remind me to do SJSU Evaluation)
                      (Project: Backend Due)

Dec-Tue 4:    Group discussion
                     (Project: XML Data Server Implementation Prototype Due)


Dec-Thu 21:  Some Kind of Party ?!?!




Project web site at 




Pass and Fail only. So do your work PLEASE.




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