Software Engineering Extra Credit Corner


The resume has to be written in just ONE page (i.e. No graphic files, music files, etc)

When handin the homework, print out the resume, put a soft copy on ITS OWN disk, put everything in ITS OWN envelope and give it to me in class. The disk/envelope should contain nothing but the assignment EHW1



Create a mini FAQ with 5 question/answer pairs on common technical job interview questions

The grading will be all or nothing. Thus, all five question/answer has to be good.

Only meaningful question will be counted. So, questions such as the following will not be counted:

  • What is your name ?
  • What is your GPA, etc

The following are so sample questions:

Q: What is the disadvantage of using Link List ? (Asked by Motorola people)

A: It might be bad because you need to take care the memory management.

Q: Name a couple uses of Hash Table ? (Asked by Motorola people)

A: Used in compiler as symbol table and in building text index for document searching in database

Q: Write the code to build a link list ? (Asked by Microsoft)

A: .... 
    void insert_after(ELEMENT *p, ELEMENT *q)
	// p is the element to add, q is the list
	if (p == NULL || q == NULL || p == q || p->next == p)
		printf("Insert_after: Bad arguments\n");
	p->next = q->next;
	q->next = p;

(The above question cannot be used in the assignment)

(There are thousands of companies around the university and a lot of them will come to SJSU for information meeting, GO, GIVE THEM a resume and TALK to them to find out what kind of questions they are asking.)

When handin for grading, please print out a hardcopy and a software copy on ITS OWN disk in ITS OWN envolope. The disk/envolope should contain nothing but the assignment EHW2.


(Do not CHEAT in anyway when doing these homeworks ... an F will be given to the course when found.)

(Grading will be based on content and presentation, all "answers" will be posted on unless denied by the student. Try to write something interesting and worth reading at the same time practice for web publishing)