Project and Presentation Grading Guide


If you do well in the project, you will do well in the class. This is true for people trying to get an A or trying to get a C-. So, work hard and have fun with it. The total points of the final project is 250 and the project presentation is 100. And 40 extra credit points will be given. Thus, by doing well in the project ... you can have 250 + 40 + 100 = 390 points !!!


General Project Grading

If you implement all the basic functions under our project description, you will have a maximum of 200 points. Points will be taken off when something does not work.

For the other 50 points, you can get them by providing extra functions. Examples are using JDBC, priorty queue in scheduling, very nice interface, shipping cart, agent indexing, etc. But remember you have to write most of the code and docment down all the features.


Notes to Remember


Extra Credit (40 points outside of the 250)

Internet Replication

In this extra credit part, you need to provide a  design as well as implementation for Internet Replication. You should be able to use your project to test out your implementation. Your design and implementation should address the above problems (data format change, replicate changes and multiple users). All coding must be in Java. A mini requirement, design and coding doc is required. Grading on this parts depends a lot on whether your idea as well as coding actually work.

(As pointers: 1. You might be able to use XML to "implement" your sales site data, so internet replication come with central control ... 2. You might be able to use an Agent (a separate program) to do indexing on sales/main sites and do replication based on the index ... 3. Think deep ... )


Presentation Grading


Final Remark

As I mentioned in the beginning of the class, this is a tough class with relatively easy grading. So, there is 110 points of extra credit in a 1000 points course ... For people looking for an A, work hard and get to the 90% mark. For people in the bottom of the scale, work hard and get out of it ! I only like giving A but not anything below C- ... YOU control your own grade ! ... 

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