Project and Presentation Grading Guide


Please read all the information on this page CAREFULLY.

If you do well in the project, you will do well in the class. This is true for people trying to get an A or trying to get a C-. So, work hard and have fun with it. The total points of the final project is 250 and the project presentation is 100. Thus, by doing well in the project ... you can have 250 + 100 = 350 points !!!


General Project Grading

If you implement all the basic functions under our project description, you will have a maximum of 200 points. Points will be taken off when something does not work.


Notes to Remember


Presentation Materials


Package to Mail

I will need a complete project package for grading:

It must include:

Mail the complete package to


By Dec 10, 2003. Any late or ungradeable package will result in a "I" in grade.


Final Remark

As I mentioned in the beginning of the class, this is a tough class with relatively easy grading. For people looking for an A, work hard and get to the 90% mark. For people in the bottom of the scale, work hard and get out of it ! I only like giving A but not anything below C- ... YOU control your own grade ! ...  And yes, the midterm grade looks ugly, so project will be a good chance to catch up.