ENGR 297: Software Security Technologies

Homework #0
Due by the beginning of next class


Please send the following information WITH THE EXACT FORMAT to richardsinn@yahoo.com


Subject Title:

STUDENT: ENGR 297: <your name>
(<your name> is your actual name, for example, John Smith.)


Email Content:


Your name (again)


Please stay your year in the university if student or

Please stay your work background (e.g. Java application programmer, where you work, etc)

Computer Background + Grade

What classes (title and number) you have taken + Grade and any other computer background


Computer Science GPA and Overall GPA

What do you expect from this course

Tell me what you want to learn besides filling up the requirement

When exactly will you graduate ?

(Give month and year, e.g. 12/2020)

Email and URL

Your other email address or url address

Phone number

A reachable number in case the instructor really needs to reach you for sudden schedule change

Prerequisite Statement

You must be proficient with Java and J2EE architecture, preferably that you have already taken CMPE 275 or taking concurrently. COME TALK TO ME if you still want to take the class.

Are you in the Class or Want to Add

(Y or N)



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