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Research Paper Presentation

Group Topics Date
Group Red Alert!

- Tell us everything about PGP from theory, trust model, usage to limitation, etc.
PGP Paper
PGP Presentation

Mar 15
Group DJPS

Software Engineering and Security

Paper and Presentation

- What development cycle / theories are used to do software engineering with security software
- Anything special to add to the waterfall model
- Discuss different approaches, limitation, etc.

April 12
Group Rescue


Paper and Presentation

- Tell us everything about Radio frequency identification
- Concept, theory, usecase, etc.

April 19
Group SecurityGurus

Data Security

Paper and Presentation

- How database store data securely (Oracle, DB2, BDB, MySQL, etc)
- How file system store file securely (different OS, windows, unix, Novell etc)
- How XML is used to store data securely

April 26



Semester Project Presentation

May 10, 2005

Group SecurityGurus
(Jiji Nair, Pallavi Shettym, Suresh Konda)

7:45pm 8:15pm
Group DJPS
(Bernard Huang, Danai Wiriyayanyongsuk, Jack Leung, Patai Sangbutsarakum, Sanjaya Lai)
8:15pm 8:45pm
Group Rescue
(Ashwin Ventatesh, Gautham Mudra, Srikanth Narayan, Tsega Yonas)
8:45pm 9:15pm