Demo: XML Viewer Applet

This is a simple Java Applet that uses the Java XML Parser to display an XML document in a tree view. The applet brings up another secondary window to do this. Type in the URL for an XML file that you would like to parse, then press the button labelled "Parse". The results will be displayed in the area below. Click on the plus/minus boxes to hide and show the children of that node. Park the mouse over nodes that have attributes to view the attributes in a yellow pop-up window.

Note: Over the Web, you will be limited to XML files in the same folder due to Java security limitations. Download the XML Parser package if you want to try other XML files.

Try the following examples also:

  • openPC.xml - OpenPC Demo

You can double-click on any node to zoom in on just that node and its children. You can undo this action by selecting the desired view from the drop-down list box just below the URL entry field, or by selecting the top node and pressing the left arrow key.

You can also navigate the tree using the following special keys (once you have clicked inside the tree view to get the keyboard focus):

Use key To
Up/Down Arrow Move focus up or down one line in the tree.
Left Arrow Move focus to parent of current node.
Right Arrow Move focus to child of current node.
Page Up/Down Move focus up or down one page in the tree.
Home/End Move focus to top or bottom of tree.
Space Expand or collapse the current node.
Return Same as double-click (see above).

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