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Create Your Own Website
Adult Education




Richard Sinn

Richard Sinn has been teaching in the Computer Engineering and Computer Science departments at San Jose State University since 1998. He also served as Adjunct Professor at University of Minnesota. In addition to his teaching career, Richard is a Principal Architect at the Real Time Communication group at Yahoo! Inc. Prior to this he held various senior positions at IBM, Oracle and different Silicon Valley startup companies. Richard is an inventor and has filed over thirteen invention disclosures (patents). He is also a frequent writer for various magazines and journals, and a frequent speaker at regional and national technology conferences. He owns and operates various web sites since 1997.



Class time:

For two weeks, thursday at 6:45pm



Course Information


Come and learn how to become a webmaster and the potential of making money online. This course teaches you the ins and outs of creating your own web site. Whether you are creating your web site for friends and family or buildng your own online store to sell various merchandises, you will have all the information you need from this course. Compare this course to teaching seminars and on-line courses that can easily cost a few hundred dollars. Each class has two modules:: lecture and lab. The lecture part covers the basic theory of Internet, HTTP, HTML, web server basic, and various web site management tools. The lab covers the actual creation, configuration and management of your own web site. Various web site income generation methods will also be presented. Instructur is Richard Sinn, a software architect and professor from local university, who worked for some of the biggest Interent companies. A material fee of $60 is payable to the instructor the first class meeting. (~$25 will be rebated right away as visa gift card).



Class Material

This page serves as the Internet supplement of the course. In addtion, a hard copy course book will be distributed in class.




Class Information

1. Get a computer that works and connect to the Internet.

2.Write down every single piece of information including userid and password that you use in the lab book.

3. Please make check or cash of $60 material fee. Payable to Richard Sinn. One per student, no exception since the materials are made to order. (ATM machine should be available on the other side of the street.)

4. When you get the Visa gift card. Please keep the packaging of the gift card. It contains information on where to register, who to call when there is a problem, etc.







Day 1 - Make sure You do Homework at Home

  • Homework
    • Signup for or or solution
    • Use a link that is not blocked. Start from the first.
    • Only use links on this page
    • Think carefully what domain name you want to have
  • Lecture
    • Introduction
    • Technology Overview
  • Lab
    • Enable gift card (Lab book) or use your own credit card
    • Homework Above



Day 2



Day 3

  • Lecture
    • Monetization
  • Lab
    • Online payment setup
    • Building shopping feature






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