CS 151: Object-Oriented Programming

Homework #0
Due within a week from the first class


Please send the following information to webmaster@openloop.com  


Subject Title:

STUDENT: CS151: <your name>
(<your name> is your actual name, for example, John Smith.)


Email Content:

Name - Your name (again)
Occupation - Please stay your year in college if student or Please stay your work background (e.g. MS Programmer)
Computer Background + Grade - What classes (title and number) you have taken + Grade and any other computer background
GPA - Computer Science GPA and Overall GPA
What do you expect from this course - Tell me what you want to learn besides filling up the requirement
When exactly will you graduate ? (Give month and year, e.g. 12/2000)
Email and URL - Your other email address or url address
Phone number - A reachable number in case the instructor really needs to reach you for sudden schedule change
Prerequisite Statement - Please stay that you have passed CS146 with grade C- or better. If you do not make this statement, you will be dropped from the class.
Are you in the Class or Want to Add - ?



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