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ENGR 120

Computer Organization and 

Spring 2002

College of Engineering San Jose State University




Richard Sinn
Office Hours:
After class, by appointment or email only



Class time:   Monday, 7:30pm

Class room:  DMH 149B

Oct 30, 2001: Initial Creation.

June 4, 2002: Post grade distribution:

Grade Num
A+ 0
A 3
A- 3
B+ 5
B 17
B- 0
C+ 2
C 2
C- 0
D 0
F 0



Course Information


Introduction to computer organization and architecture, system buses, internal memory and external memory, input/output, central processing unit CPU, instruction sets, CPU structure and function, RISC, control unit.


Apart from the term writing project, there are homework assignments, a mid-term exam and a final exam. Exams might be take-home. The weightings for grading are: Writing Project 20%, Homework 40%, Midterm 20%, and Final Exam 20%. 

No Late Assignment Submission

Prerequisite: CmpE 046
Co-Requisite: Engr 126/CmpE 126


Approach Of the Class

This class is a survey of computer organization. We will discuss what a "computer" is from the stand point of both software and hardware. Basic concepts with Level of Abstraction, Hierarchy and Models will be used. Topics such as numbering systems, data representation, arithmetic, low level data structures, registers, assembly language, I/O, exception handling, virtual memory, etc will be covered. Students are assigned a number of homework to familiar themselves with different topics. A writing project is also required for each student to research deeper on a selected topics. You will have fun and think like a computer when the semester ends.



Class Material

Lecture Notes

Reading material will be online on this web site before every lecture. Please email if you experience any download problem.

Required Textbook

Computer System Architecture, M. Morris Mano, Prentice Hall.






Jan 28, 2002-Mon: Course discussion, 
                                  Past Grading I & Past Grading II


Basic Computer Organization

Feb 4, 2002-Mon:     Overview and Approach

Feb 11, 2002-Mon:   Number Systems
                                    (Homework 1

Feb 18, 2002-Mon:   Data Representation                                 
                                    (Homework 2)



Feb 25, 2002-Mon: Integer Arithmetic
                                  (Homework 3
                                  (Homework 1 Due)

Mar 4, 2002-Mon:   No Class!
                                  (Prof Sinn is traveling.) 

Mar 11, 2002-Mon: Floating Point Arithmetic
                                  Class Project Discussion
                                  (Homework 2 Due) (Homework 3 Due)

Mar 18, 2002-Mon: Data Structures 



Mar 25, 2002-Mon:   Take Home Mid-term Exam (Download here avaliable from 3/20 to 3/22)

Apr 1, 2002-Mon:      SJSU Holiday

Apr 8, 2002-Mon:      Using Registers
                                    (Mid-term Exam Due) (Homework 4)

Apr 15, 2002-Mon:    I/O

Apr 22, 2002-Mon:    Exception
                                     (Homework 4 Due)

Apr 29, 2002-Mon:    Virtual Memory (Homework 5)

May 6, 2002-Mon:      Procedure

(Homework 5 Due)



May 13, 2002-Mon:  Final 
                                   Extra Credit

        (No make-up exam will be given
                                   Comprehensive on all course material
                                   Close book)
                                  (Bring a blue book for Final)
                                  (Final Project Due)

                                  (Writing Project Online)


Writing Project

Select one of the following topics for the writing project:

For more detail, go to our writing project page.



Email to check your grade if necessary.



General Policy

The university and departmental policies and deadlines for course drop will be applied. Makeup exams cannot be offered, except under exceptional conditions, such as documented serious illness/accident, etc., and only at the professor's discretion.

Each student is responsible for his/her individual assignment, and must not copy anyone else's work. Students who borrow solutions from others will find themselves unable to pass the course. The minimum penalty for every student involved in the duplication of individual assignments or exams will be receiving a zero score on the submitted work.

For group project, all the work has to be done by your OWN group. Do not try to download "free code" from the Internet and hand in as a project. WE WILL FIND OUT. Do not share your work with others. So DO YOUR OWN WORK and EARN your grade.



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