Homework - Hosting/Web Programming Environment Setup


In this homework, you have to setup your own web prorgramming environment. The general goal is that we want you to setup an environment where you can reuse after school (say when you start your own company). Everything you learn from all the setups should be skills that will help you in and outside of school setting. Here are the requirements:



Your hosting environment must be available during the semester and at least two weeks after the final exam. (A lot of students keep it available for a year in order to allow showing to external parties during job fair, interviews, etc.)


Where to Setup

You have the flexiblity to decide on where to setup the hosting and web programming environment. Different person will have different priorities (price, location, quality, reputation, etc.). You can start with this quick recommendation from past experience page.


What to Submit

Email coolprofsinn@gmail.com by start of next class with