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CmpE 226
Database Systems
Fall 2002
College of Engineering




Richard Sinn
Office Hours: After class, by appointment or email only



Class time: Monday, 7:30pm (The first class is at 6:00pm)

Class room: IS 216

Aug 24, 2002: Initial Creation.

Sept 15, 2002:

IMS= Information Management System. It started out as a purely heirarchical database manager, then logical relationships were added to make it sort-of a network database manager. There is the "fast path" product, which has restrictions but uses optimistic locking and memory techniques to make it blazing fast (way, way faster than relational) and the "full function" product, which I suppose you could call "IMS Classic". I programmed on the full function IMS when I first started IBM. I bet I still have a couple of books on IMS.

IMS, and it's DL/1 language, is much more difficult to use than SQL. Segments (similar to rows) have pointers, which your application picks up and uses as search arguments to find the referenced segments (similar to joining with rows in other tables). In other words, you application comes up with the index access path, not the DBMS.

IMS was first developed by Rockwell to manage the parts inventory of the Saturn-V rockets built for the Apollo space program. Previously, there was no large scale random-access disk-based data storage systems, only tape-based scanning. IBM then took over IMS to make it into a commercial product.


Update project


Course Information


This course presents an accelerated approach to database concepts and architecture. We will cover both basic topics and advanced topics.

Basic topics includes the following:

Advanced Topics includes:


Apart from big term project(s) and presentation, there are homework assignments, a mid-term exam and a final exam. Exams might be take-home. The weightings for grading are: Term Project(s) 30%, Homework 30%, Midterm 10%, Final Exam 20%, and Term Presentation 10%. Optional research paper on selected topics (10%).

No Late Assignment Submission



Class Material

Lecture Notes

Reading material will be online on this web site before every lecture. Please email if you experience any download problem.

Required Textbook

Ramez Elmasri and Shamkant Navathe, Fundamentals of Database Systems, Benjamin/Cummings, 1994.

Reference (

More will be added as the semester goes




Aug 26, 2002-Mon

  • Course discussion
  • Add/Drop
  • Basic database system - Concepts and Architecture


Data Modeling

Sept 2, 2002-Mon:

  • Labor Day - Campus closed

Sept 9, 2002-Mon:

  • Basic database system - Concepts and Architecture
  • Final Add Drop
  • Reading assignment (Chapter 1 to Chapter 3)
  • Homework 0

Sept 16, 2002-Mon:

Sept 23, 2002-Mon:



Sept 30, 2002-Mon:

  • More algebra
  • Remember to do Project Part I
  • Functional dependencies, normalization, algorithms
  • SQL - Data description, definition, manipulation, etc.
  • Advanced Data Type: AVI, XML, CLOB, BLOB processing, etc.

Oct 7, 2002-Mon:

  • SQL - Data description, definition, manipulation, etc.
  • Advanced Data Type: AVI, XML, CLOB, BLOB processing, etc.
  • Homework 2a
  • Project Part II
  • Project Part I Due


Advanced Topics I

Oct 14, 2002-Mon:

  • FD
  • Normal Forms
  • DB2 Demo
  • Intro to JDBC
  • Homework 2b
  • Project Part II Due

Oct 21, 2002-Mon:

  • BCNF
  • Tips on Schema
  • JDBC Sample
  • Homework 2a Due

Oct 28, 2002-Mon:

  • Overflow topics
  • Client/Server Programming with Java (Multi-Thread)
  • Query processing and optimization
  • Project Part III Due
  • Homework 2b Due



Nov 4, 2002-Mon:

  • Take Home Mid-term Exam (Download available) (No Class)


Advanced Topics II

Nov 11, 2002-Mon:

Nov 18, 2002-Mon:

  • Datalink
  • Self Evaluation
  • Research Paper Due

Nov 25, 2002-Mon:

  • Data warehouse
  • LOB
  • LDAP (The People Directory)
  • Data warehouse, replication, mining, misc
  • Return HW / Project
  • All Extra Credit Homeworks Due

Final and Presentation

Dec 2, 2002-Mon:

Dec 9, 2002-Mon:

  • Final Exam
  • Final Extra Credit
  • Class starts at 6:30pm
  • (No make-up exam will be given Comprehensive on all course material Close book)
  • (Bring a blue book for Final)



Database Project



Research Paper Topics

Please refer to the following page for topics.



Email to check your grade if necessary.


General Policy

The university and departmental policies and deadlines for course drop will be applied. Makeup exams cannot be offered, except under exceptional conditions, such as documented serious illness/accident, etc., and only at the professor's discretion.

Each student is responsible for his/her individual assignment, and must not copy anyone else's work. Students who borrow solutions from others will find themselves unable to pass the course. The minimum penalty for every student involved in the duplication of individual assignments or exams will be receiving a zero score on the submitted work.

For group project, all the work has to be done by your OWN group. Do not try to download "free code" from the Internet and hand in as a project. WE WILL FIND OUT. Do not share your work with others. So DO YOUR OWN WORK and EARN your grade.


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