Extra Credit Homework Q&A

Using HTML/JavaScript to compose FIVE question/answer pairs about interviewing for a new job

Create a mini FAQ with 5 question/answer pairs on common technical job interview questions

The grading will be all or nothing. Thus, all five question/answer has to be good.

Only meaningful question will be counted. So, questions such as the following will not be counted:

  • What is your name ?
  • What is your GPA, etc

The following are so sample questions:

Q: What is the disadvantage of using Link List ? (Asked by Motorola people)

A: It might be bad because you need to take care the memory management.

Q: Name a couple uses of Hash Table ? (Asked by Motorola people)

A: Used in compiler as symbol table and in building text index for document searching in database

Q: Write the code to build a link list ? (Asked by Microsoft)

A: .... 
    void insert_after(ELEMENT *p, ELEMENT *q)
	// p is the element to add, q is the list
	if (p == NULL || q == NULL || p == q || p->next == p)
		printf("Insert_after: Bad arguments\n");
	p->next = q->next;
	q->next = p;

(The above question cannot be used in the assignment)

(There are thousands of companies around the university and a lot of them will come to SJSU for information meeting, GO, GIVE THEM a resume and TALK to them to find out what kind of questions they are asking.)

When handin for grading, please print out a hardcopy and a software copy on ITS OWN disk in ITS OWN envolope. The disk/envolope should contain nothing but the assignment EHW2.