Homework - Web Dev Env Setup and The Ecommerce Analysis

(Subteam of 2 Homework)


This homework is a practical homework on protocol analysis. It is also the first thing you will need to do to setup the lab/project environment. (Think about it as setting up the lab and project environment).

1.1 General Setup

  1. Install a network protocol analyzer. Use any analyzer you prefer (Fiddler, Wireshark or TCP/Windump). You can use more than one at the same time.
  2. This is a very interesting homework and you only have ONE shot to capture the data :)
  3. Make sure you don't have any blocker plugin running at your browser.


1.2 Web Hosting Signup for Group Project

0 Decide which member is going to signup which hosting solution

Form a group of 4 members. Divide the group into sub teams of 2 members each. So, you have two sub teams for the total of 4 people.

Each subteam should have a different hosting solution. No two subteam within a group should have the same one.

(There might be an extra credit homework at the end of the semester to discuss which hosting solution is the best. Please make sure you have all different choices of hosting solutions within a group.)

1 Start the network protocol analyzers


Make sure everything works and you can capture HTTP traffic.




Depending on member assignment, pick a domain name and signup for a hosting solution for the semester project.


Pick any two hosting solutions you want.


Make sure you have an unique domain. Every one should have an unique domain as you will need to do cross domain communication later on.

3 Use credit card to pay for the hosting (You can skip this step if you hosting solution is free.)


Signup for the one year/annual package. Emails will be sent to your email address. You could also use paypal, if you use paypal, make sure you also capture the whole transaction.


4 Fill in any other "paper work" as needed


Again, make sure protocol analyzer is working.


5 Stop the network protocol analyzer


Perform the following analysis



2.0 Analysis

Congratulation! You just capture a real Internet transaction. Investigate the network protocol traces and document at least five protocol observations. Discuss the following items:


Notes: Answers has to be in MS-word format with necessary screen shot, trace, etc. Please handin the homework in its own envelope.