ICRO 0024:

Object Oriented Programming Using C++

University of Minnesota - Rochester Center
Room SH201 (Tuesdays 6:00pm to 9:30pm)

Instructor: Richard Sinn
Phone: 507-253-0758 (Office)
Email: webmaster@openloop.com, richard_sinn@vnet.ibm.com



This course will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of C++ and object oriented programming. C++ is a popular choice for software developers for all operating system platforms. Prerequisite: previous programming experience. Topcis include:




Class Notes





Week Class No Chapters Topics
3/31/98 1 1,2 Getting Stated and Overview
4/7/98 2 5,6 Loops, Branches, File Input/Output
4/14/98 3 3,4 Data Structure
4/28/98 4 7,8 Functions and Programming Modules
5/5/98 5 9,10 Pointers, Objects and Classes
5/12/98 6 9,14 Friends, Operator Overloading
5/19/98 7 12 Inheritance - The Is-A Relationship
5/26/98 8 8,12 Inheritance with Virtual Functions, Inline Functions
6/3/98 9 11 Software Reuse with C++ Template Class
C++ OO Design Overview and Tools Available


Other references



We will use Microsoft Visual C++ as our main compiler.

All of the code that we write is "100% Pure C++", so it can be used in multple platforms.


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