ICRO 0104: Java

University of Minnesota - Rochester Center
Room SH201 (Monday 6:00pm to 9:30pm)

Instructor: Richard Sinn
Phone: 507-253-0758 (Office)
Email: webmaster@openloop.com, richard_sinn@vnet.ibm.com


This class is designed for the student who wants to learn how to write Java applets and applications. Participants need to have experience with a high-level programming language. Students will learn:


Class Notes



Week Class No Chapters Topics
1/12 1 1,2 Java overview
1/20 2 3 Java fundamentals
1/26 3 4, 11 OOP and Basic Data Structure
2/2 4 4 Objects and classes
2/9 5 5,6 Inheritance and interfaces
2/16 6 12 + class notes Basic Java Networking
2/23 7 12 + class notes Java Client and Server Using Sockets
3/2 8 7, 9 Java GUI Part I
3/9 9 8, 9 Java GUI Part II
3/10 10 10 Applet and Thread Example

Other references


We will use JDK 1.1.2 which comes with the text book for the first class. In addition, we will use Netscape Navigator 4.0 to test our applets. For the rest of the class, we will use Microsoft Visual J++.

All of the code that we write is 100% Pure Java, so it should work with any Java tools or Java virtual machines that support Java 1.1.