ICRO 0103: JavaScript Programming

University of Minnesota - Rochester Center
Room SH201 (Monday 6:00pm to 9:30pm)

Instructor: Richard Sinn
Phone: 507-253-0758 (Office)
Email: webmaster@openloop.com, richard_sinn@vnet.ibm.com


This class is also known as Advanced Creating Home Pages on the World Web Wide. JavaScript enhances the functionality of the Web browser, enabling developers to produce content that changes in response to user actions. This kind of interactive setting with dynamic data allocation, makes information more accessible and easier to organize and digest.

In this class, we will teach this powerful scripting language. The goal is to enable student to create interactive Web site with JavaScript. Some of the interesting topics will include:

As if any other internet languages and applications, JavaScript is an evolving language. Changes and updates will be coming to this tutorial from time to time. However, the future of JavaScript is quite clear as a lot of Web sites already have sophisticated interactive JavaScript functions in places.




Class Notes





Date Class No Chapters Topics
6/15/98 1 1,2 Overview, JavaScript hierarchy, JavaScript and Frames
6/16/98 2 3 Windows Object, Browser Info, JavaScript Standard Objects
6/17/98 3 4, 11 JavaScript and Forms, Image Object, Layers Part I
6/18/98 4 4 Layers Part II, Event Model, Advanced Topics


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