Basic Web Server Technology and HTML Forms






Quick Top to Bottom HTML Review

Creating your own working space


Create and Edit your own HTML file


Editing the file you already have


Browse the HTML file you created


Basic HTML Tag





Information for Setting Up Your Own Web Site


Example of "Internet Service" Company

Get your own Domain Name
(Example of Domain Registration Form)

Find someone for hosting your web servers

Get Your Dial Up Access (AOL, MSN, School/University)

Basic Marketing





Web Site Management Tool Demo


Personal Web Server

FrontPage Explorer

FrontPage Editor

Hyperlinks, Pictures, Table

WebBots (Server-side include, Schedule include, Counter, etc)

To-Do list

Integrated with Image Editor, Browser

Verify Hyperlinks

Recalculate Hyperlinks

Set Access Control

Advantages vs Disadvantages

Books (Frontpage for Dummies, )

And much more, etc.



Web Server Technology (HTTP, Request, Response)




A Web script is a program tha tcan be executed by the Web server in response to Web requests

Script are used to access information from non-Web sources, such as databases.

Scripts allow interaction between the user and the server. This allows the user to search databases, make purchases, and many other possibilities.

Scripts can construct custom documents dynamically at the time they are requested. Scripts create "intelligent" documents that reflect the user's circumstances.


Form and Script


Forms and Script goes into pairs (Forms is used to capture the input for the script, and Script is used to run the request)

Example 1: Server Form

Example 2: Sample Form

Actually, the input parameter of the form will be used as part of the Path Information:
Example: After the information is filled in Sample Form 2, the url input to the web server will be:



What is Actually Going On With The Web Server



A Little Warning In Using Forms and Scripts





Firewall Technology

Packet fillering router

Flame relay gateway

Application Gateway






The <PRE> ... </PRE> tag will display preformatted text in a HTML file. For example, if we use:
<pre>         A line with space in the front</pre>

The line will actually show up as:

A line with space in the front

Instead of:

A line with space in the front

a. Using the <pre> tag, create a web page that has this kind of look and feel.

b. Can you use the <TABLE> tag to create a web page with the same look ? What will be the trade off ?