SJSU Engineering Classes


Software Security Technologies

Latest corporation challenge is managing software security threats on high speed, high volume mission critical software infrastructure. Building secure software in both the Internet and enterprise network becomes a must in today's world. The objective of this course is to teach you the essentials to build and deploy secure software. Learn how to design and administrate a complete, consistent, correct, and adequate security program.

Topics include:


Database Systems

Database concepts and architecture. Logical and physical data organization. Relational, hierarchical and network databases. Security/Integrity, recovery/concurrency. Design project.


Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Feasibility analysis and system requirements determination, object-oriented design methodology, and information 
system design using object-oriented modeling techniques. Emphasis on both theoretical and practical aspects of 
object-oriented systems analysis and design. Team-based project. 


Computer Organization and Architecture

Introduction to computer organization and architecture, system buses, internal memory and external memory, 
input/output, central processing unit CPU, instruction sets, CPU structure and function, RISC, control unit.


Senior Project

Cool senior projects.


Network Architecture and Protocol

Advance protocol Topics


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