San Jose State University Classes


Software Engineering

The objective of this course is to expose students to the essential principles of Software Engineering. The requirement analysis, design, prototyping, implementation and testing phases of a typical software development cycle are covered in detail. Different development methodologies and their associated techniques as well as tools are examined.

The course material is based on current Object-Oriental and Internet technologies. A comprehensive software development project will run concurrently with the classes, complement the theory with useful practial experience. Students will have the opportiunities to finish a project from the Requirment analysis phase to the Testing phase. Since most of the project will be implemented in Java, a brief introduction to Java will be taught in the class. The use of design, development (IDE), testing and presentation tools are required. Project requires working of two or three people.


Object-Oriented Programming

Concepts and techniques of object-oriented programming. Objects, classes, methods, inheritance, polymorphism. Memory management of objects. Windowing systems. Comparsion of object-oriented languages (C++, Java, JavaScript).


Research Project Class

Individual study in a specific computer science field.




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