OpenLoop.Com FAQ


What will Open Loop provide ?

Open will be a web site devoted for Software Engineering. It will cover a lot of aspects in doing good software projects. However, the approach will not be a traditional one. We will not only cover software technologies from industries leaders and academic worlds, but also a lot of coverage will be on international issue such as DBCS processing in development and internet enablement as well as Diversity in engineering work force.

When is Open Loop coming ?

Version 1.0 will be up and running in Dec, 1997.

Call For Papers

If you are working in the field (computer industry), or studying in universities, and would like to have your Software Engineering or Internet Technology papers published in this web site, we appreciate if you can contact webmaster for further discussion. There will be NO publishing charge for non-commercial papers.

Optional Advertisement

Our target visitors are computer industry professionals and computer science students. If you would like to put advertisement targeting these visitors, please mail webmaster for details.

What does Open Loop mean ?

According to the general principles of network control, many problems in complex systems, such as computer networks, can be viewed from a control theory point of view. This approach leads to dividing all solutions into two groups: open loop and closed loop. Open loop solutions attempt to solve the problem by good design, where Close loop solutions are based on the concept of a feedback loop. And this web site takes the essence of open loop to provide well design information in assisting software engineering professionals and students. Of course, we will also provide feedback and discussion mechanics throughout the web site as well.

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